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Preparation, transformation, packing and deep-freezing of meat products for your commercial activities in the international hotel, restaurant and foodservice market.
Gicarns forms part of a Spanish holding company, established in 1963, which is involved in every stage of production in the meat industry, from the rearing of livestock right through to the sale of the end product.



  •   We already have the sausage made with natural casing and with a selection of the best lean meats.
  • Prove the new burger made with selected beef meats. Frozen in IQF. Weights of 100g and 200g.  
  • New service of meat candied a low temperature in your own juice.
  • Now we have rib steak of 800g-900g.
    Rind on sliced bacon
    Now it’s available with rind, to make a crunchy bacon!   ¿Do you want to try it?
    Value frozen Meat
  • Try the new confit Ossobuco a slow temperature. Ask more information to sales manager.
  • Discover brochetes of pork or chicken curry or paprika. Ask for more information!
    Would you like to distribute our product?
    We help you to form you sales staff.  Contact us info@gicarns.com    
  • We are working on the development of new candied meats. Testing and researching to pursue our business vision, facilitate work ...
  •   We present a new product from the candied range. Secret of candied pork