Vision, Mission, Values:


To provide improved convenience and flexibility for restaurateurs and caterers, guaranteeing the highest standards of service, quality, hygiene and traceability and helping to optimize resources by reducing labour and product wastage costs.


To become the natural first choice among the competing alternatives in the hotel, restaurant and foodservice sector.


Teamwork, innovation and adapting to change and a customer-friendly service.

Our company


    With modern offices and a youthful spirit, Gicarns optimises production management, marketing and administration to guarantee a model of present-day success. We work to personalise customer care and orientate the solution to customer needs.


    The production processes begin with the selection of high-quality raw materials, their quartering and handling, with exhaustive quality and traceability controls and with the appropriate investment in machinery to serve our customers.


    With the production and preparation of all types of meats: beef, pork, lamb/goat kid rabbit, poultry and ready prepared. With customised cuts, weights and packaging formats, Gicarns covers the entire range of meats and is a benchmark producer-supplier for the INDUSTRY, HORECA and FOODSERVICE sector.


    We work with our own distribution network and with distributors in each area to cover our increasing trend of offering a direct delivery service of our own products to each reception point and meet each customer’s specific needs.